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Youth Support

Build Sound Minds



Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health, in partnership with Action for Children, has launched a new service to support children and young people aged 0-17 years old across Derbyshire who are experiencing anxiety and other mental health difficulties.


The project, funded by the Clinical Commissioning Group, provides specialist early intervention support for over 2,300 of Derbyshire’s children and supports them to build resilience and reduce the development of more serious emotional and mental health issues, better preparing them for the challenges of life.


DFMH offer tailor-made support for young people aged 15.8 years to 17 years (up to the first day of their 18th Birthday). Action for Children offers support for children, young people and their families from age 0 – 15.8 years.

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To make a referral, complete the online referral on the Action for Children;

Build Sound Minds Derby and Derbyshire was officially launched in June 2019 with DFMH accepting referrals from September 2019.

Children and young people will be supported through one-to-one therapies, face to face or by telephone or video session, in schools as part of a school clinic or by group programmes designed to target a range of emotional and wellbeing concerns. We are able to offer support to young people who are struggling with the following issues:

  • Family difficulties – where these are having an adverse effect and the child or young person is showing signs of developing a mental health problem or disorder

  • Emotional and behavioural difficulties (Mild to moderate)

  • Behaviour problems once physical causes have been considered and the behaviour falls outside what might be considered to be within the range of normal behaviour

  • Conduct disorders

  • Anxiety, depression, stress and or other mood difficulties

  • Adjustment reactions (i.e. managing transition, change)

  • Simple phobias

  • Self-harm – where this is mild to moderate

  • Support with bereavement & loss/separation

  • Bullying where this is having a significant impact on emotional wellbeing (direct/indirect/cyber)

  • Anger management difficulties

  • Relationship difficulties

Referrals are accepted from professionals, parents or the young person themselves. If referring on behalf of a young person, you need their consent to do so.


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