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We are a charity that has operated primarily in Derbyshire for 40 years. 

We are a specialist mental health support service provider with strong service users

focus and high professional standards.

Our aim is to improve mental health and promote independence for individuals living with or

recovering from mental ill health.


Image by Hannah Busing

What's happening at DFMH

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What You Have Said

Old Paper

The friendliness and willingness to push when I need pushing and be gentle when I'm hurting or very low that means so much as I feel you  understand and don't judge

Old Paper

Through the kind support I received from my Support worker, they were able to motivate me and I could trust them totally

Old Paper

I have gained so much from this course, I have enjoyed every session ... it has given me the tools I needed to help support all aspects of my mental heath..

Thank you so much

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