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About Derbyshire Federation for
Mental Health

Our Vision

To promote and support good mental health for everyone

Our Purpose

To make positive differences to all who access our mental health and wellbeing services   

Our Values

We have strong moral principles amongst our teams and partnerships which are built on honesty and trust

Innovation and Creativity 
We encourage active learning and the trialling of new methods of delivery that shape our mental health support services in the communities we serve

 We respect every persons individuality and believe that everyone has the right to choose their own path to wellbeing

 We inspire and empower individuals to use their own strengths to make informed choices about their

We adapt and flex to the challenges faced by those affected by mental ill health

What's happening at DFMH

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What You Have Said

Old Paper

The friendliness and willingness to push when I need pushing and be gentle when I'm hurting or very low that means so much as I feel you  understand and don't judge

Old Paper

Through the kind support I received from my Support worker, they were able to motivate me and I could trust them totally

Old Paper

I have gained so much from this course, I have enjoyed every session ... it has given me the tools I needed to help support all aspects of my mental heath..

Thank you so much

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