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Community Based Adult Support Services

Independent Support Service

Independent Support Services have over 30 years’ experience providing 1-1 support to clients with mental ill health. We are a specialist non clinical mental health service, which has a strong focus on helping individuals to regain their skills and capabilities to improve their quality of life and overall wellbeing.


We aim to improve lives through building confidence and self-esteem. We provide individual target based support programs dependent on needs, requirements as individual goals.

Throughout the program all individuals are supported to make their own decisions and are kept safe by encourage positive risk taking. All individuals are treated with dignity and respect, and supported throughout their journey by fully training mental health support workers.

Private Contracts

For clients who want to do more than their Direct Payments package will fund,

or who cannot obtain statutory funding for support, we can make separate arrangements for private payment for services.


These services can include:

  • One to One support

  • Telephone Support

For further information on our Direct Payments/Personal Budgets and Private Contracts, please contact the main office.

Image by Jeremy Bishop
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