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Adult Support

Community Based Support Services

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The Federation is a specialist mental health service provider accredited with Derbyshire County Council and we have over 30 years of providing one-to-one support for clients with mental ill health.

Our one to one support services are provided by trained and skilled Individual Support Workers (ISW'S). We aim to be flexible so as to provide the specific support that the client wants, and will work with adult social care and mental health teams to deliver support plans tailored to individual client need.

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Direct Payments and Personal Budgets

Direct Payments are payments made to people who need support (following a community care assessment), and Personal Budgets (following a health professionals assessment), enabling individuals to buy their own care or support services. 


Services can include access to services (such as the gym), with managing activities of daily living, and with living with mental health conditions such as anxiety or obsessional difficulties. Additionally we support individuals in the management of their homes to help maintain their tenancies.

Private Contracts

For clients who want to do more than their Direct Payments package will fund, or who cannot obtain statutory funding for support, we can make separate arrangements for private payment for services.


These services can include:

  • One to One support

  • Telephone Support

For further information on our Direct Payments/Personal Budgets and Private Contracts, please contact the main office.

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