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Our Vision

Our Vision

Our Vision

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Who we are

DFMH is a specialist, community-based mental health service provider, accredited with Derbyshire County Council. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality, personalized & friendly support to help people manage daily life, and improve their mental health. If you are working with clients who you think might benefit from the services we deliver, below is an overview of the services, what they offer, and how to access them.

Mental health & wellbeing workshops

We have developed a suite of mental health related workshops, courses & training sessions, which we can deliver to and for organisations (service users and workforce), and tailor to your requirements:

  • The New Normal – Workplace Wellbeing in a Post-lockdown World

  • Workplace Wellbeing for Managers

  • Workplace Wellbeing for Employees

  • Living with Anxiety - Managing your…. Anxiety/ Health Anxiety/ Social anxiety


We are happy to work with you to adapt the workshops to the needs of different client groups. Contact us for more information and to discuss costs - we aim to ensure our prices are affordable across all sectors.



Partnership opportunities

As well as our Individual Support Services, we currently provide services with a range of partners. We are always open to working together to improve and extent the support available to people in Derbyshire – and welcome discussing potential partnership ideas and proposals.

Contact us at

Our Services
Client referrals and signposting

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